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Our objective is to encourage lay interest in dental health, to cultivate the art and science of dentistry, to sustain and elevate the character and goodwill of the profession, and to promote health education, research, and study for mutual improvement. Southern Dental Society

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Meet The President

Dr. Frank Batastini, President - Southern Dental Society of NJ

Dr. Frank Batastini, , President Southern Dental Society For over 100 years, the Southern Dental Society (SDS) has been a resource for dental clinicians, auxiliary staff, patients, and other health care professionals. Year by year, we have grown in terms of our membership, our presence in South Jersey, and most significantly, our passion in providing the highest quality dental care. Our members come from varying backgrounds and training programs. Some have been in practice their entire careers, while others have shown a sincere enthusiasm for education or military service. This diversity is what makes our society so unique. Furthermore, the resources our organization provides our members goes beyond the scope of a textbook or lecture hall. We pride ourselves on the ability of our seasoned clinicians to mentor the next generation of dentists, as well as navigate this profession during the current evolution of health care. We welcome you to our website and hope that you will find it both informative and enlightening to the SDS. Though health care has changed, along with the dynamics of our profession, the integrity of our goal has remained the same: to service the dental needs of South Jersey. We are confident that this goal will stand true for the next 100 years.