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About Southern Dental SocietyThe Southern Dental Society has provided this page to keep you posted on our community events!


Below we have listed upcoming fun, educational or fund raising events for both members, non-members and non-dentists too! Teachers, if you're looking for a guest speaker for a classroom educational event, please use the contact us page to provide us with details!


Please remember to check back often to see if there is anything happening in your area.




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Dental Activities - Dental games, puzzles, crossword puzzles, science experiments; the list goes on and on. For your convenience, I have put together a collection of the best free dental activities from around the web, for your enjoyment.

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Southern Dentists Volunteer in Camden Southern Dentists Volunteer in Camden

Date: August 31, 2018

Southern Dentists Volunteer in Camden - Volunteer Dentists from the Southern Dental Society of NJ have been instrumental in the founding and the continued operation of the "Project Smiles" Dental Clinic in Camden.

Located in the Cathedral Kitchen on Federal Street, the clinic provides basic dental care for the chronically underserved.

Many of Cathedral Kitchen's clients are homeless and haven't had access to dental care for many years. This has led to pain, infection, missing and fractured teeth, and gum disease.

The clinic is beautiful and is furnished with modern equipment. It employs a receptionist, a dental assistant and a dental hygienist. All volunteers need to provide is an open heart and their time.

For information of the clinic and its services, please contact Bea Gosik or Dental Director, Dr. Bob Leonetti at: (856-964-6771).

For information on how to volunteer, please contact Bea at
C.E. Credits granted for volunteer hours.